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Welcome to the Authority Authors Resource Centre.

Here’s where the magic happens.  First up, you wanted in because we promised a few things you want – so let’s deal with those first.

Here’s the link to download the PDF version of the From Idea to Author-ity Ebook – how to write, publish, market, and distribute your Non-Fiction book to attract the kind of clients you really want to be working with.

Idea to Authority Book Free EBook Version


In addition, we've created these bonus reports for you about Online Marketing Options for your Book, how to get good publicity at launch time, including a template for writing and sending press releases.

Finally, because we're such big fans of WordPress as a platform for websites for authors and speakers, we've created a report to explain why we love WP so much, with  lots of tips for you to get the most out of using WP.

And from here, you'll be provided advance notice and FREE access to upcoming webinars, hangout sessions, and videos.    Don't worry, you'll be sent details as they come up, but the recordings will also be posted here.

Links to the recorded files of the ZOOM hangouts

Topic: Authority Cafe - Author's Hangout Session - Talking about Amazon and UPloading your books...

Topic:  Authority Cafe - Author's Hangout Session - Talking about All sorts of Author Things

Topic: Authority Cafe - Author's Hangout Session, Let's talk about Amazon

Click on the link and then download file

Topic:  Authority Cafe - Author Hangout Session - Back cover design and keywords

Authority Authors - NSANZ Presentation - leveraging your book to become an authority




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