Amazon Book Blast

Do you have a book, or books, on Amazon that are underperforming?  Perhaps they were published some time ago and are sitting gathering cyberdust on the back shelves and no longer assisting you to rank as a high value author-ity.  If you’d like to change all that, now is the time.

You Wrote It – So Get Your Book Working Harder For You – Now!

We’re experts at ensuring your book can get from the back-blocks of Amazon, into the top 10, and stay in the top 100 for as long as you need it to.

For example:   Brad Hauck’s book Billion Dollar BluePrint – 7 Steps to Getting Your ONLINE Marketing Sorted – was languishing at well over 3,000th in his selected categories, and he was about to deliver a powerful set of presentations at a global speaker’s convention in February 2018.   The credibility issue was potentially at risk as his own book needed to be ranking considerably higher at the time of his presentation, so we got busy and reviewed his listing.

We started with checking his descriptions on Kindle were keyword rich, cover was updated, some additional text added to the descriptions and ‘about Brad’ parts of his listing, and the categories were refreshed.  We then ran a complex promotion using KDP select and a couple of FREE days for the Kindle version, as well as some AMS marketing pushes to ensure maximum opportunities for promoting his book were taken in all possible ways.  He further supported our efforts with some simple social media mentions on his FB account and the results were outstanding!








Then on the 22nd of February it hit Number 2





Finally on the 26th February it hit Number 1













What’s particularly ideal in this situation was that while some of those promotional days were offering FREE copies for download, there was also a healthy surge in purchased copies which more than paid for any of the costs associated with the promotion.

There are many ways to rank on Amazon, and the activities you invest in also help to ensure your profile is enhanced – and as you publish more books – yes you really must do this, don’t aim for being a one-hit-wonder – the overall activities help ALL of your performance online.


We’re happy to say we’ve invested in the right time and activities in recent times that we’ve now come to expect high performance on Amazon for our authors and have had at least three authors since the start of 2018 alone, hit tht number one spot for their categories – and have remained in the top 10, or top 100 over time.  Take Jo Hassan for example, who lauched her first book in November 2017, and in February 2018 is still sitting in the top 20 for paid Kindle books in the step parenting category.

There’s a LOT to do and some balanced work on tweaking and fine tuning the activities required to reach high  points on Amazon, but we’re able to take are of that for you.


If you want your books updated or uploaded from scratch onto Amazon POD and Kindle, including all the search keywords, categories, and descriptions sorted, you can book that now for $1250.00, and we’ll upload or update your Ingram Spark files as a bonus too. 

This includes the following:

  • Review your listing
  • Check and research key words
  • Re-write descriptions and biography
  • Check and update or create Author Page
  • Review and adjust categories
  • Create a 5 day paid promotional campaign on AMS
  • Monitor results daily.

This is a limited offer – so don’t delay if you want your book(s) updated on Amazon – contact DIXIE TODAY!

“And just to let you know I do all this personally – I don’t field it out to juniors or assistants, so every detail is personally handled by me – therefore it’s a relatively limited service option…”

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