Certified Author-ity Authors

Authority Authors offers a complete range of services for Non-Fiction authors wanting to write, produce, publish and market a book profiling their expertise wisdom, stories.  But for some authors, we go a long way past this.

For some authors, they will become ‘Certified Author-ity Authors’.  Indie authors who have self published under our care and guidance to the highest quality.   And for these authors we offer a representation level of service that includes the following:

  • Agent style representation at International Book Fairs, with Book Distributors, and with other international agents seeking foreign rights options and third party opportunities.
  • Promotion and cross-promotion of their books alongside other Author-ity Authors on our own website.
  • A categorization of ‘Author-ity Author’ status which serves to differentiate their books from mainstream self published books in the marketplace.
  • Ongoing guidance and care of the book, author, and access to our assistance in all areas pertaining to care and promotion of their books.
  • The right to add this logo to their book, website/landing page.

Authori-ty Author Badges:


To become a certified Author-ity Author, the book and author must have the following:

  • To have been guided in the writing, production and/or publishing phase by Dixie Carlton.   
  • To be of very high quality non-fiction in terms of both content and style of finished book. 
  • To be uploaded to Amazon, Kindle, and promoted well.   
  • And for the author to be undeniably an authority in their feild of expertise who speaks and writes about their work – beyond just having one book published.  
  • GOLD standard – must have achieved Best Seller or consistent top 10 or above ranking on Amazon.