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Welcome to our dedicated list of resources and links for you

if you are writing a book. 


Starting with… a simple checklist to keep you on track for production (publishing) of your manuscript!

There is an awesome updated version of this list for you if you’d like to sign up at the bottom of our page and become a member of the Author-ity Authors site – there’s lots more too – but you get the idea… we’re all about sharing  – and this page offers just a taste of what’s on the inside.

Click here if you’d like to immediately access the Ebook – ‘From Idea to Author-ity’ and many more FREE resources for Authors.

How about some articles – some of our best advice for authors…

And a Marketing Map for promoting yourself once your book is written.

This map is an outline of all the things you need to focus on when you write your book,  to help direct you to all the areas you need to cover with your marketing, speaking and promotional activities.


These are just a handful of the resources we have available.   We’re also continually developing new resources for Non Fiction Authors who are seroius about becoming authorities in their field.   To that end, we recognise that the best way to do this is to have high quality books, a good marketing plan, and a publishing coach or support from a mentor who has walked these pathways ahead of you, clearing the undergrowth so to speak, to ensure you don’t trip up along the way any more than is absolutely necessary.

If you would like to access more resources, and really enjoy the journey from Idea to Author-ity more, then you can do this here.

On the other side you’ll find additional resources – of course – like our Beta reader invite template.  Here’s the easiest way to find out exactly what to ask your pre-launch team to review your book and provide exactly the right kind of feedback needed prior to your final edit of your manuscript.

You’ll also be able to access the past recordings of videos and webinars, as well as getting advance notice of new FREE webinars covering various aspects of the publishing journey.   These also will include interviews with other authors and publishing specialists over time, and the library will continue to grow in your favour over time.

First, you can access a FREE download of the Idea to Author-ity ebook which also contains resources, templates, and ideas to help you self publish your non-fiction book.


We’ll soon be offering a FREE From Idea to Author-ity training session – that will help get you started on planning and preparing to write your book.  Further announcements about this program, which will utilise a range of exciting and innovative resources that Dixie uses when working one-on-one with clients, will be made through this page, and also via newsletters.  So please take a minute to sign up now – and be first to trial this new program – absolutely FREE.

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