Imagine This

Imagine a world of self-publishing where you are guided from the very start of your ideas for writing a book, all the way through the process, not stopping at the manuscript development, but all the way through the journey of becoming an authority in your area of expertise or shared wisdom.

Author-ity Authors is where we specialize in the ‘no-limits’ approach to what you can achieve as an independent self-published author.

Here’s how we work:

We start with helping you to develop your ideas, focus on what the main areas are that you should be writing about, and help you craft the flow and content of your first book.   We also explore then what needs to be carried over to subsequent books later.  Then you take away your well-crafted plan and are coached over next few months to write your book.

As you near completion of your manuscript draft, we work together to fine tune your writing, ensuring that your manuscript is completely ready for a professional editor to make their final suggestions and edits so that your book is ready for production.

The production phase is where we take your manuscript an finalise the formatting, design, extra parts necessary at the front and back to ensure your book is finished and polished to a finely developed product that you can be proud to promote and sell, hand out, give away, and use to position yourself as an authority on your topic.

But wait, there’s more…

Our journey also takes you through the many parts of the post-book phase of author-ship.  This includes your website, social media platforms, landing pages and newsletters are all up to scratch, and ready for you to be confident as the authority you are. We take care of uploading your book to Amazon, Create Space, and Kindle, helping you to do this so that you are confident to manage and work the tools you have available to you there for maximizing your selling potential.

Oh… there’s a LOT to do and much to learn, but we’re there to help you through it, step by step.

We have a two stage set of options for working with us.

Every author is different, every book is also different.  We don’t believe in using a cookie cutter approach to working with our authors, and no promises are made about your success either.  It’s all about what you also bring to the table.  If you are already an authority, with a successful speaking career, and all the online marketing tools that support that, you will be in a different starting gate than someone who has a great story to tell, and is just beginning to get a lot of publicity or speaking opportunities.

We do promise a quality book, with an excellent support platform for using it to market you and your stories/expertise/wisdom shared.  With a comprehensive understanding of what you can do to enhance your opportunities as an author who speaks, or a speaker who also writes books.

Working with Author-ity Authors is about undergoing a brilliant learning curve that results in a whole new marketing strategy for you as an authority.  Oh, and of course self-publishing your book!