Mentoring Options for 2019

Where to Start

One of the things we see a lot is people starting to write  a book, and getting stuck, not knowing where or how to start or gather momentum.  Often we end up helping people to start over because that’s simply a much easier option.  Our process is all about identifying exactly what you need to be focusing on, and the best parts of your story to share.  Then it’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  So simple, because you know exactly what pieces to write, and where each is to go.

Writing your book in just a  few weeks is easy, possible, and stress free when you know how to work with this process.

In some cases you’ll write a different book than you thought you’d start with

Several of our clients have ended up writing a great book, but it’s turned out to be a little different from the book they thought was in them.  By going through Dixie’s exclusive planning process, you’ll work out exactly where the strength is in your stories, the examples you’ll share, and the mission you want to set yourself and your book on.

A half-full day of planning is a brilliant way to nut out the gems and extract the genius in you so that even your first book ever will be well read, and greatly appreciated by those you wish to be connected with through your book. On that day the writing plan is developed to be easy and straightforward.   A little  homework is required up front, but the rest is decidedly easy.

Jo Hassan started using Dixie’s formula and hand-holding coaching process and was an Amazon Best Selling Author within 6 months.  


Your Options for Getting Your Book Out in 2019

If you’ve not yet started:

  1. Planning day, writing plan, weekly coaching to phase 1 of completing your manuscript.
  2. Development of your material to completion, editing, reviews, formatting, and design
  3. Marketing plan, strategic development of publishing and distribution plan plus implementation
  4. Speaker and Social Media Marketing review and plan.
  5. Optional ongoing hand-holding through your next book and/or marketing and launch phase.

Priced from $9,950

If you wrote the book already but are stuck on the next steps:

  1. Review and complete read through, plan for next steps
  2. Editing, reviews, formatting, design
  3. Marketing and publishing plan, implementation,
  4. Amazon uploads and research
  5. Hand holding through launch phase

Priced from $11,950.00

You might wonder why it’s more expensive if you’ve already written the first draft… this is because Often there is a lot of un-writing and re-jigging to do.    But there are a number of variable for both options and each book is different.  These prices are a guide only. 

Amazon Boost:

If you already have a book, and you wish to have is re-launched, or uploaded to Amazon

Prices start at $950.00


If you are thinking about getting a book to market in 2019, please book a time for us to connect and discuss your ideas as soon as possible. 

Dixie is very hands on with each book/author on an individual basis, and spaces are strictly limited each year to a maximum of FOUR clients.   There are a number of factors to consider before we can commit our time and team to your project. One of them is Dixie’s ongoing workload and planned projects.   An initial 60-90 minute discussion about your book and plans is priced at $495.00 for which you’ll be given tools, opportunities, a lot to think about and actions to take.

  1. If you decide you’d like to simply take up the Online Course options and work your own way through your project(s)  you’ll be given a $100.00 discount off that option.
  2. If you decide to work 1:1 with Dixie, your introductory session fee will be credited to your first month’s fee.

To take up this option please use the following form to outline a little more about your book/plans. Thank you.