Author-ity Authors


Authority Authors are writers and publishers of books that are non-fiction, designed to help impact positively on the world and/or in their respective industries.   They are authors who have worked closely with Dixie to produce their best quality work, beyond ‘just’ the books.   The list is relatively short, because Dixie prefers the Hands On approach for each author, and that means limited opportunities for expansion.

Being an Author-ity Author means you get personalised, one-on-one service, with Dixie, not a whole lot of other licensed people or support staff.  Dixie will also personally read every book, every line, and be intimately familiar with every author’s book by the time it gets to Editing.



Dixie Maria Carlton has  been working with these clients (in some cases for several years) assisting them to write, publish, and promote their books.

Other authors (and books) Dixie Maria Carlton has worked with:

  • Terry Hawkins – People in Progress, Author of Why Wait to Be Great*
  • Derek Mills – The Standards Guy, Author of The 10 Second Philosophy*
  • John Shackleton – Author of Life is for Living
  • Lindsay Adams – The Relationships Guy, Author of The DNA of Business Relationships
  • Rod Large – Author of The Other F-Word
  • Andrew Darbyshire – Author of Think Big, Live Large
  • John Horan & Gerry Maguire, Authors of How to Escape from Quicksand
  • Phil Strong – Becoming Money Wise

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 *These titles were not published by Dixie Maria Carlton’s companies, the authors were clients and each has provided testimonials for her work with them.