Certified Author-ity Authors

We set out a while ago to unconditionally raise the bar of what being an Author-ity Author really means.  

What is an Author-ity Author?

An Author-ity is an author who is taken seriously by their market because not only is their material excellent, they have mastered the ability to write it, present it, and promote it well.   

Authority Authors offers a complete range of services for Non-Fiction authors wanting to write, produce, publish and market a book profiling their expertise wisdom, stories.  But for some authors, we go a long way past this.

For some authors, they will become ‘Certified Author-ity Authors’.  Indie authors who have self published under our care and guidance to the highest quality.  And for these authors we offer a representation level of service that includes the following:

  • Agent style representation at International Book Fairs, with Book Distributors, and with other international agents seeking foreign rights options and third party opportunities.
  • Promotion and cross-promotion of their books alongside other Author-ity Authors on our own website.
  • A categorization of ‘Author-ity Author’ status which serves to differentiate their books from mainstream self published books in the marketplace.
  • Ongoing guidance and care of the book, author, and access to our assistance in all areas pertaining to care and promotion of their books.
  • The right to add this logo to their book, website/landing page.

Authori-ty Author Badges:


To become a Certified Author-ity Author, the book and author must have the following:

  • To have been guided in the writing, production and/or publishing phase by Dixie Carlton.   
  • To be of very high quality non-fiction in terms of both content and style of finished book. 
  • To be uploaded to Amazon, Kindle, Ingram Spark, and promoted well.   
  • And for the author to be undeniably an authority in their field of expertise, who speaks and writes about their work – beyond just having one book published.  

BLUE:  An author who has used our services to develop, write, and produce their book.

GOLD: An author who has surpassed the basic level of what it takes to become an author-ity under our care and guidance.   This may include additional book(s), Audio books, workshops or training programs, regular paid speaking opportunities, top ranking sales status, and a continual level of development in their expertise.

GOLD++:  An author who continues to work with us and our extraordinary team to truly master all that it takes to be an Author-ity of national, global significance.

In APRIL 2019, we’re formally launching the AUTHOR-ITY AUTHORS levels of expertise based on the above descriptions.   To find out more about becoming an Author-ity Author and what it might mean for you please get in touch and schedule some time to talk about your book, your expertise, and your aspirations around authorship.

Tell us more about you and your book(s) here and request time to talk:

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