Exactly How We Work

We offer support, guidance, and hands-on help through three phases of the writing, production, and then the publishing journey for non-fiction authors.   First we help you write your book, then walk you carefully through the many aspects of creating a book from your finished manuscript.  Finally we help you navigate all the printing options, get your book uploaded to Amazon Kindle, Create Space, and ensure that your marketing and online presence support you as an Author-ity Author.

Step by step – this is how it looks:

Phase 1:  Writing Your Manuscript!

For a book that is approximately 20-30,000 words – which roughly translates to 10 – 15 x 1500-2500 word chapters, you should expect to be completed with the writing phase of your content within 12-16 weeks.   How long it actually takes is entirely dependent on you.  How comfortable you are as a writer, how much you are willing to focus on getting the work done each week.

We start with a solid planning day –  usually about 4 hours, plus you will have a bit of homework to do after that.  Then, and only then, you start writing.   At a pace we agree to, that you commit to from the start.

You will have me to call on as often as you want or need to, but specifically we will have a weekly coaching call to keep you focused and moving forward on your writing objectives.

You will be sending me chapters as you go, and we’ll review these weekly, and start pre-editing them as soon as it’s appropriate to do so.  Every author is different, and there are variations as to when/how we determine the right time to provide that much feedback – ultimately it’s about ensuring you get the content flowing, then we’ll review what’s written. The majority of the sub-editing is usually held over until you’re finished the first draft and have had a chance to review your material.

Included in your fees are:

  • Editing by a professional book editor
  • Final edit and proofing – before the production phase.  (Another proofing is usually required then.)
  • Weekly coaching until your manuscript is completed.
  • The Planning session and your writing plan.
  • Resources to assist your progress and understanding of your journey as an author.

NOTE:  We guarantee that by following our proven process, you’ll develop a manuscript that can be developed into a book.  Please click here for details about this.

Phase 2: Producing Your Book!

Once your contents are written, edited, and ready for production, we pre-format the book. Then we help you to write the extra information including Acknowledgements, Back Cover, About You, Foreword/Introduction/Preface, and your Sales Page.

From there, you are ready to enlist the support of your Beta Readers, and we assist you with ensuring the right questions are asked, the manuscript is ready for their input, and any final adjustments are made to the contents as needed.   Once your pre-formatting and contents are at a polished level, then we walk you through the Review Process, where you reach out to other experts and authors in your field to enlist their input for marketing-friendly testimonials for your book.  We have a specific process for both Beta Readers and Reviewer’s engagement.

Final formatting, and cover designs are sorted, using our expert team, and we start to look more closely at your specific publishing options.

Finally, the book is completed, and ready to publish.

Included in your fees:

  • Preformatting
  • Final Proofing
  • Final Formatting and files for uploading to print in both US and Aus sizing,
  • Cover design*
  • Back Cover design and description – with KeyWords

*Up to three designs to select from


Phase 3: Publishing Your Book!

We’re ready to upload to Amazon, Draft to Digital, Ingram Spark, (printed copies) and Kindle (for e-books), and ensure you have this covered – in some cases we’ll do this part for you, or teach you how to do it yourself.  Ultimately we want to ensure you know how to get back in and update files, read your reports, and organise your Amazon book page and marketing. This is a very hands-on stage and it’s all about not only empowering you to maximise your Amazon presence (and therefore sales and profiling), but to also  get the most out of every opportunity to support yourself as a published Authority in your field. You may also need files prepped for offset or on demand print locally – we’ll ensure you have all those.

Included in your fees:

  • All your files for printing and publishing
  • Amazon uploads
  • Amazon teaching
  • Amazon Author Page creation
  • Full keyword search on your topic
  • Amazon AMS advertising launch campaign management – including a paid AMS campaign for up to 20 days @$5 per day.
  • Review of your Social media, website, and assistance with necessary landing page(s)

NOTE: Fees for each of these stages is based on an initial conversation with you.  But an entire service from start to finish, which will take 6-12 months is likely to be between $10-$25,000. (This depends on your efficiency, size of book, and a few other variables).  All clients then have the option for ongoing assistance, management of their books, and marketing, or another book…  If electing to write another book, the process is the same, but the fees are 20% less for book #2. 

All Author-ity Authors are eligable for being part of an exlusive Author-ity Author Brand campaign featuring international representation at the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs.

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