Ghost Writing Services

Do you Want or Need a book to profile your expertise as a great <Insert Your ‘thing’ Here> and attract more customers to your business?

A book is surely one of the very best investments in your marketing you can make.  Why?  Well for a start it helps people know you, who you are, what you stand for believe in, know, and how good you truly are at your expert topic or service.

The biggest two challenges for most people however, is they either:

  1. Think they can’t write well enough
  2. Don’t have the time to write a book

Many also struggle with WHAT to write, and How much to write.

I’ve worked with a number of people (nearly 60 books so far) who got stuck on either or this last item and moving past this is easy when you know how to focus on the right information, shared in the right way.  We all have stories to share about what we do, the FAQs at dinner parties are usually a great indicator of what people really want to know most about for example.   How much to write – well that also depends on a number of variables, including how many books you really want to have written, and how extensive your stories are.

A solid plan for writing a book is mandatory, and I have worked a process out over many books and authors that really works too.  But I still find so many people who really struggle with those first two hurdles.   Their confidence as a writer and time to write.

I’ve been Ghost writing quietly for several years as part of what I offer clients – both books and articles.   But many people don’t want it known that they used a GW – preferring to have it considered that they themselves wrote their book.  And that is completely the point.  That’s why we’re called ‘Ghost Writers’…because we’re silent in the background of the writing process.

Due to demand for this kind of service growing exponentially as we become more time poor – I am now able to promote my Ghost Writing services starting in 2019.    I’ve become a Professional Member of the Ghost Writer’s Association, and that means I am part of an industry body that guides and promotes the professionalism of this kind of service.

I’ve also been a partner member of Alliance of Writers and Publishers since 2017.

What you need to know about Ghost Writing services include the following:

  • A good GWer will be able to research, plan, and write books and articles for you, but will not be mind readers – you still have to meet/talk  regularly to share information.
  • They may not get everything 100% right – but that’s why you work together.
  • You should expect to set deadlines  for completion and updates.
  • A final edit will not be what your first draft is ready for when completed – but the content should be well written for you to either complete as part of the arrangement or to finalise files for editing and publishing or to submit to a traditional publisher.
  • Your GWer will be a professional writer – not just a blogger, or copy writer.   Although these services are also good value, you need someone who can/has actually write a whole book.
  • Your GWer should also be able to quickly and easily understand your industry/topic/requirements… without having to write a thesis for it first.
  • GWers might work sporadically – it’s not a 9-5 type job.  But even while doing other things, like walking, driving, and playing sport, they are likely to be thinking about your book and working out what needs to be written next.  But that’s why you have deadlines and commitments to updates along the way.

Finally – your GWer will get to form a close relationship with you – he or she will know you very well by the time the book is done.  You should also expect therefore a certain level of commitment around confidentiality and trust.

My GHOST WRITING services include all of these.    I have experience and abilities in the areas of Business, Management, Marketing, Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration, Spiritual, Social Media, and Professional Performance/speaking/writing/entertaining.

I can work on 2-3 big projects at a time, and can also write some fiction (story telling) as part of a non-fiction topic easily.

If you’re out of time, ideas, or confidence to write your own book in 2019 please book your time to talk with me soon about how I can assist you with your book.