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The Publishing Specialist Behind Author-ity Authors

Dixie Maria Carlton is theThe Publishing Specialist behind Author-ity Authors.  Authority Authors is a new imprint established in 2017, but with more than a decade of experience, Dixie has has so far produced nearly 50 books, working with more than 70 authors.  During that time, from creating one of the first independent collaborative publishing companies in Australasia,  she has nurtured authors to write, publish, and use their books to leverage their marketing and authority positions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Maruki Books (2006-2016) was created with a desire to help professional speakers to short circuit the expensive and often time intensive/wasting process of self publishing books at a level that competed well against the traditional publishing model.  Now, 12 years on, and 99% of her clients have come from either repeat or referral work, many through the professional speakers industry networks Dixie has been part of since 2002.

Dixie Maria’s authors have enjoyed:

  • High profile media support, such as TV appearances, magazine and newspaper featured stories, lucrative sponsorship opportunities, paid speaking engagements, and radio interviews.
  • Her authors books have been featured at international book fairs, leading to several foreign rights deals as well as some authors being picked up by international publishers.
  • She has worked with authors who are published by traditional publishers including Hay House, Penguin, and Berrett Koehler, and international agents.
  • She secured a leading role for one of her clients in an international film “Keeper of the Keys” also starring John Gray, Jack Canfield, and Marci Shimoff.

Dixie has also authored several books of her own, including both fiction and non-fiction genres, and has enjoyed up to #1 ranking on Amazon in her categories, with an overall ranking within the top 1500 on Amazon.  Her books frequently sit in the top 100 of her genres. (Amazon rankings fluctuate regularly for all authors, and while these are excellent figures, it’s not to be confused with any form of overall ‘best seller status’.)

Dixie also has vast experience with the professional speaking industry, having served as chapter president,  then national president of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand in 2009.  She then went on to work in the paid position of Chief Editor for the Global Speakers Federation in 2011, before moving to Australia and semi-retiring for three years, but still retaining a membership with the Australian Professional Speakers Association.

Dixie has been awarded as Author of the Year, and Business Person of the Year by NSANZ, and finalist in the Small Business of the Year in the NZ regional business awards,  as well as having assisted several of her clients to win regional, national, and international business and marketing awards.  The latest of these is author David Stannard, who in 2016 was named International Silver Stevie Award Winner in the <$5M Marketing Category, based on using his book(s) as his primary marketing strategy.